Bamboo Body Exfoliating Brush

Participating in wellness routines often requires considerable time and effort, and that is why the modern woman has fast embraced the relatively easy and quick practice of skin brushing. Many swear by the benefits of dry brushing, claiming that it keeps their skin soft and smooth. There are also claims that brushing your skin brings a whole lot of health benefits.

For example, proponents of dry brushing say that it leads to increased energy or circulation. Dermatologists even agree that brushing the skin gently has exfoliating benefits, which may stimulate your body in a similar way to a massage.

There are two main types of skin brushing: wet brushing and dry brushing. For a beginner, it might be confusing to know which method you should use. But it doesn’t have to be once you understand the difference between the two and the benefits of each approach. That can help you decide what method to use to achieve as well as maintain a healthy glow.

Dry brushing is known to cure a myriad of skin complaints. With its ability to transform dull, dehydrated skin and significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite, dry brushing is making a comeback. It’s time to dig out your body brush and transform your skin.

What is Wet Brushing?

As the names suggest, the main difference between dry exfoliating and wet brushing is that while wet brushing requires water, dry exfoliation doesn’t.

Wet brushing, on the other hand, involves scrubbing your skin with an exfoliation tool such as a wet skin brush, a loofah, or a washcloth using water.

What is Dry Brushing?

A combination of thorough exfoliation and massage, dry body brushing involves moving a dry, natural brush over the body in long, pressured strokes. The ancient technique lifts and buffs away dead skin cells, encourages lymph node drainage and increases circulation.

Dry brushing is a particularly wonderful technique for those who suffer from cellulite and uneven skin texture. The tough, natural bristles of body brushes deeply massage the skin, working to soften any hard fat deposits that may lie below the skin’s surface and cause uneven texture.

By softening these deposits, body brushing encourages the fat to distribute more evenly, allowing your skin to appear softer and smoother as dimples and bumps associated with cellulite are visibly reduced.

Dry skin brushing can also be equally beneficial for your general health and wellbeing. By encouraging the drainage of your lymph nodes, dry brushing helps to stimulate the normal lymph flow in your body, detoxifying it naturally. Eliminating bacteria and toxins in the blood, incorporating dry body-brushing into your routine can help to suppress toxin build up which leads to cellulite, uneven skin texture and skin discolouration.

Stimulating the lymphatic system with body-brushing is also known to aid and strengthen your immune system, promoting your overall health and wellbeing.

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