Eco-Friendly Reusable Coffee Filter

If you enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, reusable items are far better. Unlike single use, you don’t need to order items constantly, which is basically giving in to mass consumerism. Also, you can easily reduce your environmental impact by limiting the number of products you order online. Often packaging used to deliver orders across the globe

Eco-Friendly Rattan Woven Tray

As a short history lesson, there are around 600 different species of rattan in the world, 54 of which originating from the Indo-China region. However, as the popularity of rattan tray retains it crown season to season, so too do questions surround its sourcing. Homeowners naturally find themselves curious about certain aspects of this material,

Glass Tea Infuser

Our Glass Tea infuser is made to contain tea leaves while brewing, are an extremely popular tool for brewing loose leaf tea. A precursor to bagged teas, reusable infusers hold leaves captive while allowing water to flow freely through a filter of mesh or punched holes. They are particularly useful for brewing small leaf pieces,

Sisal Beech Wood Household Cleaning Brush

Wood cleaning brushes make for a perfect zero waste alternative to plastic scrub brushes! Our cleaning brushes are made from beech wood and feature sisal bristles on a replaceable head making them a great sustainable swap. Sisal is a natural fibre derived from the long green leaves of the ‘agave sisalana’ cactus plant, meaning they

Kitchen and Household Loofah Sponge

A lesser-known use in the kitchen to wash dishes. If you use a traditional kitchen sponge, did you know it’s likely made of some form of plastic? Also, did you know it’s recommended to replace your traditional sponge every 2-4 weeks? When looking for a zero-waste sponge alternative, the Loofah is a clear stand out

JIGIDA Colourful Waist Beads

According to the Africa Facts Organization, “Jewellery in Africa is seldom just ornamental; rituals, religion and ceremonies play a large part.” With that said, there is such a large amount of influence that stems from cultural aspects and is concentrated in the colours of the beads. They also serve as a form of stylistic expression

Konjac Sponge

If you haven’t heard of Konjac sponges before, they’re made of 100% natural konjac plant fibres, which are rich in moisture, minerals, and antioxidants. When blended with volcanic water, they create the perfect facial puff to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin with. Free from chemicals, colourings, additives and irritants, the sponges are non-toxic and

Bamboo Body Exfoliating Brush

Participating in wellness routines often requires considerable time and effort, and that is why the modern woman has fast embraced the relatively easy and quick practice of skin brushing. Many swear by the benefits of dry brushing, claiming that it keeps their skin soft and smooth. There are also claims that brushing your skin brings

Sisal Mesh Soap Saver Bags

A zero-waste soap saver pouch is just the ticket! Soap saver bags are designed with a sustainable material called sisal. You might’ve heard of sisal furniture or sisal carpet before. This rough, low elasticity fibre is strong, durable, and highly sustainable. Sisal is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. That means you can be sure

Eco-Friendly Loofah Sponge

First, let’s clarify exactly what a loofah is: it does not come from the sea. Loofah is a vegetable in the gourd family. The squash is picked, dried, and skinned. What remains is what you see below and in bathtubs around the world. It’s even believed to have been used by Egyptians! You can cut