Sisal Mesh Soap Saver Bags

A zero-waste soap saver pouch is just the ticket!

Soap saver bags are designed with a sustainable material called sisal. You might’ve heard of sisal furniture or sisal carpet before. This rough, low elasticity fibre is strong, durable, and highly sustainable.

Sisal is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. That means you can be sure it’s safe for your skin, and fewer synthetic chemicals in farming help to minimize pollution in runoff. It’s a win for you and for farmers!

Arguably the best part of the soap bag drying after your shower is that you can combine the end of a mostly used soap bar with a new bar. The soaps will melt together the next time they get wet. Now that you’ve got all this free time since you’re not scraping slime out of the shower, you can relax knowing that no soap has gone to waste!

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