Bamboo Body Exfoliating Brush

Participating in wellness routines often requires considerable time and effort, and that is why the modern woman has fast embraced the relatively easy and quick practice of skin brushing. Many swear by the benefits of dry brushing, claiming that it keeps their skin soft and smooth. There are also claims that brushing your skin brings

Sisal Mesh Soap Saver Bags

A zero-waste soap saver pouch is just the ticket! Soap saver bags are designed with a sustainable material called sisal. You might’ve heard of sisal furniture or sisal carpet before. This rough, low elasticity fibre is strong, durable, and highly sustainable. Sisal is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. That means you can be sure

Eco-Friendly Loofah Sponge

First, let’s clarify exactly what a loofah is: it does not come from the sea. Loofah is a vegetable in the gourd family. The squash is picked, dried, and skinned. What remains is what you see below and in bathtubs around the world. It’s even believed to have been used by Egyptians! You can cut

Organic Japanese Matcha

Have you wondered why green tea is a drink of choice for the morning, afternoon, or evening for the Japanese? The Japanese have been green tea lovers for many years. For this reason, it has acquired the name “Japanese tea.” Many health-conscious individuals have taken to adding green tea to their daily diet. This is